I am afraid of motherhood. Before I had a boyfriend, I never seriously considered being a mom. First of all, I was afraid of pregnancy. I didn’t want to be saddled with the discomforts of a bulging tummy and most of all, the corresponding pain of childbirth. Secondly, I never really liked kids. I used to wonder what was it that made my friends go mushy over a baby. I mean, yes, a baby is cute and cuddly but why would I want to coo over a creature who would just stare at you or would touch you with saliva-laden fingers? And then there areRead More →

This is the fourth year that I’m having a word for the year. 2014 was about grace, 2015 was about focus, and last year, I chose work to guide my goals and plans for 2016. It’s unfortunate that I lost my year-end posts for 2014 and 2015 when I failed to back up my site, but for 2016, I have a lot of learning experiences which I summed up in this post. I didn’t have a hard time choosing my word for 2017. As early as November, I somehow already knew what my word would be and on the first week of December, an articleRead More →