It’s New Year’s Eve. I’ve been back in my hometown since the 26th for a much-awaited week-long vacation. It has been a flurry of activities since we arrived — a cousin’s wedding, a get-together with friends, a visit to the market for some dried fish — all these on top of caring for a very excitable 3-year old. But there were also quiet moments, especially when the little girl was fast asleep or when she’s busy playing (thank God, she knows how to play on her own now). I had hoped that the down times would be opportunities for me to catch up on myRead More →

December 4: What Advent Is All About “Even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45″ Advent means “coming”. For Christians, we celebrate advent in memory of the anticipation of the birth of Jesus. Who wouldn’t be excited? The Son of God coming down to earth and dwelt among men. And Jesus did not simply live as a man; he served men. This year, I have been always made aware — in Sunday sermons and in my personal readings — of the act of service. I have beenRead More →

December 3: Draw Near to the Savior “Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. – Hebrews 13: 20-21” My heart is blessed upon knowing that Jesus longs to see me in His presence and that my drawing into Him gives Him delight. I am reassured by John Piper’s words that no matterRead More →

My Advent experience this year is greatly enriched by my daily readings of John Piper’s The Dawning of Indestructible Joy. My human abilities, however, just can’t keep up with writing down my thoughts into blog posts but here I am, trying to catch up. ūüôā December 2: Prepare Your Heart for Christ “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” – John 5:44″ In this reflection, John Piper points to the real reason of the Christmas season: Jesus Christ. And in order for us to truly receive Christ for whoRead More →

December 1: The Search and Save Mission As previously mentioned, I will be doing daily reflections for the entire month of December on John Piper’s The Dawning of Indestructible Joy. I’m actually a couple of days behind but I hope to catch up soon. In the meantime, I hope my reflections would be of encouragement to you reading this. * “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10) There were two things that struck me most as I read the suggested passage and the corresponding reflection: first, I realized how God continually moves — always active in pursuing usRead More →

Christmas Day is around the corner! Already, I can feel the shift in temperature and I’m already thinking about holiday vacations, haha! The holidays can often be too busy and stressful and I know in my heart that I can be easily influenced by beautiful things, which would always result in a very distracting and self-indulgent celebration. Since last month, I’ve been praying for a more resonant and fulfilling Christmas celebration this year, and I am just so thrilled that my prayers have been answered. How? Through a book! ūüėÄ   In celebration of this year’s Advent, I will be reading John Piper’s The DawningRead More →

And with a new look and name! It‚Äôs been a roller-coaster of emotions before I finally mustered up the courage to come up with this post (I still am partly grieving as I write this) but I am trying to move on. For those wondering about the reason for this blog‚Äôs hiatus, here‚Äôs a condensed version: I totally forgot to renew my host subscription which led me to entertain the idea of not blogging anymore. However, sentimentality prevailed and after a couple of weeks, I decided to renew, this time with a new host, only to find out that I failed to back up myRead More →

Hi there! Week 6 of this challenge took longer to write because the topic is long, haha! Week 6: A letter to your self — past, present, and future. I am not one to sentimentalize by writing letters to my self but for the sake of this challenge, lezzdodiz! A letter to my 25 year-old self: Dear Self, Congratulations, you made it! You’re now a lawyer! I know you’re elated by this milestone but it’s time that you seriously think of your career path. You have a lot of options but you must choose wisely. Be practical and think of the years ahead. Now isRead More →

This post is already over a week late but not because I’ve been busy. Well, I have been busy but not¬†entirely,¬†if you know what I mean. I could have turned in a post earlier had I really wanted to but honestly, I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post. For several days, I’ve been chewing on the topic for Week 5. I couldn’t quite make up my mind what to write about. It’s actually much easier to churn up five to twenty-five items/topics than to just come up with one as in this case, haha! Anyway, after much hemming and hawing, I’ve finally decided on whatRead More →

We’re halfway through the year! It’s also been a month since I did this blogging challenge. It’s all been good, truly, although I must admit that it has also been a¬†challenge¬†to post faithfully every week, haha! If there is one thing that I learned in doing this challenge, it is this: it made me appreciate the beauty of accountability and commitment. I thank¬†my blogging partner¬†for sticking it out with me, haha! Here’s a recap of what we’ve been doing so far: Week 1: 25 Qualities About Myself Week 2: 15 Things You Love To Do Week 3: Top 5 Most Prized Moments Week 4 isRead More →

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