Fragments is back!

Fragments is back!


And with a new look and name!

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions before I finally mustered up the courage to come up with this post (I still am partly grieving as I write this) but I am trying to move on.

For those wondering about the reason for this blog’s hiatus, here’s a condensed version: I totally forgot to renew my host subscription which led me to entertain the idea of not blogging anymore. However, sentimentality prevailed and after a couple of weeks, I decided to renew, this time with a new host, only to find out that I failed to back up my old posts! It was really a heart-breaking moment especially that I’ve been keeping Fragments since 2015. I have favorite posts and memorable entries there which I would have loved to reread from time to time but in my head I know there’s no use crying over spilled milk (or un-retrievable blog posts). It’s really difficult but I should learn to accept things I could not anymore change. When I found out that most of my old posts could no longer be restored, I again thought of giving up blogging. But this (feeling) writer in me refused to give up, so here I am again! 😀

As I tried to look at the brighter side of things, I realized that I can still turn this sad moment into something happier. I’ve decided to drop the blog’s name, Fragments, and just go with Lynai Writes. The URL stays the same and the blog will still maintain its purpose as my personal online journal. I’m trying to retrieve some of my previous posts which were (thankfully!) stored in the WordPress app in my phone and I am also working on a new banner, probably just in time for the New Year. So, cheer me on, will you?

Most important lesson learned this year? Backup, backup, backup! 😀

Have a meaningful Christmas season!


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