Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 6

Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 6


Hi there! Week 6 of this challenge took longer to write because the topic is long, haha!

Week 6: A letter to your self — past, present, and future.

I am not one to sentimentalize by writing letters to my self but for the sake of this challenge, lezzdodiz!

A letter to my 25 year-old self:

Dear Self,

Congratulations, you made it! You’re now a lawyer! I know you’re elated by this milestone but it’s time that you seriously think of your career path. You have a lot of options but you must choose wisely. Be practical and think of the years ahead. Now is not the time for moonlighting. It’s time to seriously get a job and start saving. Going on a private practice will be hard at first so find a job to take care of your expenses. Be brave, don’t underestimate your self, and listen to your parents.

A letter to my present (35 year-old) self:

Dear Self,

You didn’t imagine this to be hard, no? Being a working mom sure stumped you, didn’t it? You thought that at 35 you would have the time of your life, doing things you want to do without regard to cost, time, and energy. You didn’t imagine that you would be stepping on Lego pieces in the dark, or go to work with dried rice on your pants, or wear the same pair of shoes everyday for more than a year. Life has made a cruel joke on you but it isn’t wise to dwell on regrets. Life isn’t perfect now and it won’t be ten years from now but it certainly will be better. Hang on there and take that big leap when the coast is clear.

A letter to my 45 year-old self:

Dear Self,

As predicted, life is hard. But it is also rewarding. Ikay is now a teen and she would soon be living her life of her own choosing. Don’t look worn down. Get a haircut, a mani-pedi, and buy different shades of lipstick. Things may not get better but that is not an excuse to look ugly. I want you to know that you’re doing a good job with your life and your role as a wife and a parent. Work hard and don’t dwell in the past. Regret will not do you any good. Keep your head up knowing that life may not always turn out the way we wished it to be ten years ago but it certainly has turned out to be so much better. You are loved and you deserve that new pair of shoes for your hard work. Buy it.

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