Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 5

Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 5


This post is already over a week late but not because I’ve been busy. Well, I have been busy but not entirely, if you know what I mean. I could have turned in a post earlier had I really wanted to but honestly, I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post. For several days, I’ve been chewing on the topic for Week 5. I couldn’t quite make up my mind what to write about. It’s actually much easier to churn up five to twenty-five items/topics than to just come up with one as in this case, haha!

Anyway, after much hemming and hawing, I’ve finally decided on what I wish for the most .

Week 5: What do you wish for the most?

I wish to be the woman God wants me to be.

Now, I know that this might sound highly spiritual but I will not also refute that notion. For those who know me, it’s obvious how I consider my spirituality to be a very important part of my being. My relationship with God is paramount to my existence. I am far from perfect and my numerous flaws often get me into conflicts. This is why I need God in my life because I am aware of my own brokenness and I know that I can’t do anything worthy enough to save my self.

While I was contemplating about how to answer the week’s challenge topic, many things came to mind. I considered wishing for any or all of the following: a more stable retirement, or a more comfortable life, or an accomplished daughter. Because, hey, who wouldn’t want to see and travel the world — in comfort and style? I also considered wishing for material possessions or luxury. I know that these aren’t bad wishes. But I don’t see them as my ultimate wish in life. As I searched deeper into my heart, I realized that what I really wish for the most in life cannot be quantified and even satiated by the temporal. I want significance. I want meaning.

I want to fulfill God’s will and purpose in my life.

But how do I do this? How do I know God’s will in my life? One word comes to mind:


“To obey is better than sacrifice.” – 1 Samuel 15:22

In order for me to become the woman God wants me to be, I should obey Him and His Word in every step that I take. I may not be able to see the big picture always and the path at times may be blurry, but if I obey Him, working with the strength He equips me daily by His grace, I know that I am in the right track.

In the end, what great joy it will be when I hear my Master say: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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