Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 3

Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 3


It’s Week 3 of the Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge! This post is admittedly overdue but we’re not for stressing ourselves out because blogging should, and always be, fun, right? Here’s a recap of Weeks 1 & 2:

25 Qualities About Me
10 Things I Love To Do

Week 3 is about my most prized moments. Honestly, I’m not a very sentimental person. I’m one who lives in the moment because I believe that the present can no longer be repeated. Which is why it’s actually difficult for me to pick my most prized moments because for me, each moment is special and should be savored. But I cannot also deny that my life has several highlights and these are the things I’m going to put here on my list. Here are my Top 5 but in no particular order:

5 Most Prized Moments

1. Passing the 2006 Bar Exams. This moment came after I prayed to the Lord in full surrender of my life and career. I said to Him that I would still praise and thank Him even if I failed the exams. No bargainings, no asking for signs. Just pure full surrender. My heart was at peace then, knowing that I had
given God full control of my life. I guess God must really have called me to this profession because He granted my heart’s desire. The thing with God is that He can’t be put in a box. After this momentous occasion, He brought me into the deepest valley of my walk with Him and I struggled with my faith for over a year. He tested my faith and my prayer for surrender and you know what, that valley was one of my richest and most meaningful experiences in my Christian walk thus far.

2. Having a boyfriend (for the first time, at 28.) I smile as I write this because until now I still get amazed at how God wrote my love story. This is a testimony worth another blog entry (which I’ve been planning to write for so long!) but suffice it to say that, just like my first item, this boyfriend chapter in my life came after I prayed to God surrendering to Him my heart — with or without boyfriend. Haha!

3. Getting married. Who would’ve thought I’d get married? Even I can’t believe it. Hahaha! This girl who didn’t know how to cook? Who couldn’t sew? Who wanted to travel the world? Who didn’t want to lose an argument? Who had to learn what submission means? But God made it happen and I can’t stop praising Him for orchestrating my life for His glory.

4. Getting pregnant. The ultimate coward that I am, I never imagined myself giving birth. All those stories about birthing pains and all that yuck. But when I decided to marry my first and only boyfriend, the fears started to subside. It just felt natural that I should have a baby because I have a husband, right? And so when I learned that I’m pregnant, I could only thank God for using me as an instrument of creation. Pregnancy is wonder-ful.

5. Being a parent. I can’t pinpoint a specific moment that I count as more memorable since I became a mom. Each parenting stage has its own wonders — from infancy to the terrible twos to preschool years, and so on. Parenting never stops and it is only by God’s grace that I keep going.

As long as I’m alive, each day is a new opportunity for me to see God’s hand at work. I can only sing of His love and goodness for the wonderful moments in my life. ❤

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