Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 2

Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 of the Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge! I admit this post is already late but, as Cary & I unanimously agreed, life happens and we have to know how to order our priorities and that’s what we just did. Now, I only have nothing but gratitude to God for seeing me through this week. YAY for Fridays! 🙂

Week 1 was about random things about ourselves. This week’s topic is 15 Things You Love To Do. Cary already had her list up (check here) and I’m glad to see we share several things in common. Kindred spirits, yes? 🙂

In no particular order, here are 15 things I love to do:

1. I love reading. Fiction, most especially. But I also love to read magazine articles and essays, and recently I acquired the taste for reading recipes.

2.  I love singing. I am not ashamed to say I can carry a tune. I love videoke and singing in the choir. If I can have my way, I’d love to have a career as a back-up singer.

3. I love to write. In my journal and in my blogs, if and when I have the time.

4. I love looking at artsy-fartsy stuff. I tried adult coloring books when it was the “in” thing, and then dipped my fingers on lettering. The problem is that the colors and letters only look good in my head.

5. I love sleeping. When I was not yet married, sleep was my most favorite recreation. Now, sleeping for 8 hours straight is a rare commodity.

6. I love covering books with plastic. It’s my kind of de-stressing therapy.

7. I love going to the stationery department in stores. I love smelling rubber erasers and looking at notepads and different colors of pens.

8. I love swimming. I am not a pro. I only love the water, beach-body ready or not.

9. I love staring at my daughter. What can I do? I’m a doting mom!

10. I love to collect lipstick. Ssssh, don’t tell my husband.

11. I love to drink coffee. One of the influences of my law office bosses on me.

12. I love cooking chicken macaroni soup. It’s a favorite and I’m happy my family loves it too.

13. I love to wear ballet flats. They’re comfortable and convenient and almost goes well with every day wear.

14. I love having a mani-pedi. With foot spa.

15. I recently love listening to jazz music. Without lyrics. Thank you, Spotify.

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