Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 1

Cary & Lynai Blogging Challenge: Week 1


What a week! Election day is over in the Philippines but to some, the heat, literally and figuratively, isn’t over yet. This post is long overdue and my buddy, Cary, has just reminded me about this. Sorry, Cary! šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I have time on my hands now. For Week 1, the topic is: 25 Qualities About Myself.

Now, this is such a tough job consideringĀ  that I am not comfortable talking about myself. But since I have committed to do this challenge, here we go.

1. I am easily intimidated. I may look tough and confident according to some people, but I am really easily intimidated especially by confident and pretty (and handsome) people!

2. I have strong coping qualities. I know how to handle my insecurities and my feelings of inadequacy. I know how to tough-talk myself.

3. IĀ  cry easily. Whether I am sad or kilig, especially when I am angry, I cry.

4. I am not confrontational. Maybe because I am a pleaser of people in some ways and I am not comfortable with expressing my feelings.

5. I am a thinker more than a doer. But I am trying to develop my “doer” personality because I have declared 2016 as a year for work.

6. I know how to say “no”. And I am glad to have developed this trait.

7. I struggle with my temper. Especially when I am stressed out. Parenting has really tested my self-control abilities.

8. I am impatient. Especially when I am stressed out. (Isn’t it crazy how stress makes monsters out of some of us?)

9. I am deeply spiritual. I feel strongly about my spiritual convictions and I consider my spirituality my priority in life.

10. I quick to speak, slow to listen. And I am learning to be the other way around.

Aghhh. This is such a hard job to do. And since I can’t anymore think of other qualities about myself, the rest of this post will no longer be qualities but random facts about me.

11. I used to love cats and hate dogs. But ever since we got an askal, I am now a convert of the dog lovers society.

12. My greatest fear is being electrocuted. If I can avoid it, I will not plug devices into electrical sockets because I am afraid of that little spark and sound each time you connect the plug to the socket.

13. My second greatest fear is spiders. Give me cockroaches, centipedes, and rats anytime. I will squash them with my foot (inside the shoe, of course). Show me a spider (especially those large, long-legged ones, eeeeek) and you will never see me again. (Chos.)

14. Covering books with plastic is a stress-reliever for me.

15. As well as browsing books in a bookstore.

16. My comfort food is Jollibee spaghetti with chicken. I will always be a Jollibee kid.

17. I am trying to finish Wuthering Heights for the third time. I hope this time I will succeed.

18. I don’t have patience for (English) movies than I have with books. It seems that I have to use up too many of my brain cells in order to focus on a movie.

19. I badly want to learn how to paint with watercolor. But my husband says I’ll just have to improve on my writing.

20. I miss singing in the choir.

Even with the deviation, I still can’t make it to 25. I guess this will be enough. Until next post!

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