Advent 2016 Reflections: Day 4

Advent 2016 Reflections: Day 4

December 4: What Advent Is All About


“Even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45″

Advent means “coming”. For Christians, we celebrate advent in memory of the anticipation of the birth of Jesus. Who wouldn’t be excited? The Son of God coming down to earth and dwelt among men. And Jesus did not simply live as a man; he served men.

This year, I have been always made aware — in Sunday sermons and in my personal readings — of the act of service. I have been having moments of epiphany on the apparent focus of Christian teachings about selflessness. This, despite and in the midst of the prevailing culture of self-indulgence and self-absorption. How many times have I been confronted of my selfish tendencies and the desire to fulfill the desires of the self? Jesus, thank You for giving of yourself for me. May I have this heart that beats for others, too. And my heart’s desires convert into action. Show my ways to serve You through others.

“Open your heart to receive the best present imaginable: Jesus giving himself to die for you and to serve you all the rest of eternity. Receive this. Turn away from self-help and sin. Become like little children. Trust him. Trust him. Trust him with your life.”

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